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Turkey hits ISIL targets in Syria

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Turkey strikes ISIL targets near Syria’s Al-Bab.

Turkish warplanes have carried out strikes against ISIL positions near Syria’s Al-Bab, as a Turkish soldier was killed in clashes with the armed group in the same area, according to the country’s military.


Four Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters were also killed in the clashes in northern Syria during the past 24 hours, Turkish armed forces said in a statement on Friday.

The military said it hit seven Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant positions in the Barakah, Anifah and Abu Hayj regions of northern Syria on Thursday.

Four days later, the Turkish army suffered its first fatality in northern Syria, in a rocket attack blamed on Kurdish militia.


On September 6, three more Turkish soldiers were killed and four others were wounded in an ISIL attack on two tanks near the town of al-Rai in northern Syria.

Three more Turkish soldiers were killed on September 9 when a Turkish tank was hit by ISIL fighters a near the Syrian town of Tal el-Hawa.

ANALYSIS: Kurds and refugees behind Turkey’s Syria offensive

On Thursday, three Turkish soldiers were killed near Al-Bab, in what the military said was a suspected Syrian air strike, the first such deaths at the hands of Syrian government forces since Ankara launched a cross-border incursion into Syria in August.

Turkey said it would retaliate against the attacks.

At the moment, the Turkish troops are not engaged in combat with Syrian government forces.

Battle for Al-Bab

FSA fighters, backed by Turkish tanks and air strikes continued attacks to gain control of Al-Bab on Friday.

The city is in a strategic area, which is close to the Turkish border in northern Syria en route to Raqqa and Idlib. Al-Bab is one of the few remaining strongholds of ISIL.

After it takes Al-Bab, Turkish military says its aspirations are that it will clear the whole area and it will retake the town of Manbij from the SDF, the largely Kurdish force.”

Over 215 residential areas, including Jarablus city in northern Syria, have been cleared of ISIL as part of the Euphrates Shield operation so far, according to the Turkish military.

Source: aljazeera

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