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Oranges target of Turkish anger in Netherlands row

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Turkish protesters target oranges to express displeasure with Holland, some YouTube stars go offline for Red Nose Day, Hezbollah supporters say the group is protecting Syria’s Christians, Chinese hail tourists for a South Korea ship stand-off, and a US high school student gets a unique promposal.

Members of the youth wing of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Parti) protested against the Netherlands by squeezing oranges and drinking the juice in the northwestern province of Koaceli on March 12, Doğan News Agency has reported.


The group unfurled banners bearing the writing “Fascist Netherlands” and “Fascist Rutte” in front of a restaurant before a meeting.

Speaking at the protest, AKP İzmit youth wing head Emre Kahraman said the Netherlands is “does not even have the value of orange peel.”


“The Netherlands, which has brought humanity below sea level, like its own land, is a fascist country and blocked our minister from meeting our voters. [Dutch police also] dispersed disgracefully the Turkish people who protested against their unethical attitude. The Netherlands, which does not even have the value of orange peel, has taken a step that it will later regret,” Kahraman added.

He also claimed that the Netherlands was “exploiting Turkish people,” and that Turks in Europe “now understand that they are not alone thanks to the AKP’s rule.”

“The blocking of our minister brought out people closer together,” Kahraman said, adding that “Europe’s view of Turkish people has not changed for 1,000 years.”

“We know that when we rise, the world will rise with us. We know that when we rise, there will be a shelter for all oppressed people,” he added.

Tension between the Netherlands and Turkey rose after the rejection of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu’s landing request, after he attempted to attend a referendum campaign meeting in the country.

After the Dutch government canceled Çavuşoğlu’s flight permit to the Netherlands on March 11 it then blocked a convoy carrying Family Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

Kaya was escorted by the Dutch police to Germany after she was declared persona non grata, while police subsequently intervened against Turks who gathered in front of the consulate building in Rotterdam.

source: Hürriyet daily news

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