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It mainly focuses on the Human Rights Violations and Press Freedom in Turkey.

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With the Libyan uprising, Turkey became more important in the Middle East. So people started to look look at some of the trusted places to get reliable coverage of events as they unfolded. Whilst some of these are the usual news outlets, such as Reuters and the BBC, there are also a plethora of citizens on the ground reporting what they see as it happened.

It’s political and social events such as this that help to demonstrate how citizen journalism has really come to the fore, and it’s something traditional media outlets can’t compete with given that have-a-go hacks are normally at the scene of a story before it even happens.

New media is creating a new style of journalism. is the mostly followed platform of Middle East-Based user-generated news. Promoting free speech, changing the news agenda, giving you a voice

Launched in February 2013, Istanbul-based NewsForTurkey is an open newswire aimed at anyone from freelance professional journalists to amateur hacks. You can upload text, pictures and videos, and the content is shared with over 64,000 subscribers, most of whom are journalists, analysts, reporters from around the world.

NewsForTurkey is a regional community that shares news, videos, images and opinions tied to news events and people.

NewsForTurkey is a Istanbul-based citizen media website that has been on the go for over four years now. It’s pretty high-traffic, and the user-generated news website is a very good platform for citizen hacks from across the Middle East to share what’s happening where they are.

NewsForTurkey has almost 1.5m visitors a month, and it now has over 64,000 followers and subscribers, around half of whom are active journalists, analysts, economists and researchers. iPhone app and Android app is on the way.

NewsForTurkey invites you to take part in the news with us. Your voice, together with others, can help shape what we cover and how.